About Us

Our Story

We were founded in 2017 with the mission of providing high-quality data analytics services to businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the latest data analysis techniques, tools, and technologies, and we work closely with our clients to help them make data-driven decisions that drive business growth.

Our People

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals in various roles:

Data-Driven Pragmatism

We apply data-driven approaches to solve complex business and technology problems. We leverage our expertise in data analysis and visualization to identify pragmatic solutions that make the most sense for our clients.

Financially Sustainable

We prioritize financial sustainability by leveraging our data management expertise. We focus on optimizing customer acquisition, carefully managing costs, and minimizing high-risk capital investments.

Customer Data Success

We value the productivity and success of our customers by leveraging the power of customer data. We respect and embrace diverse perspectives, keeping a positive intent, and always acknowledging and celebrating our customers achievements.

Business Neutrality

We operate in sectors with conflicting relationships, so we prioritize data neutrality. Our data-driven approach and lack of technical and business relationships allow us to function as a trusted intermediary for our clients, helping to navigate these challenging situations.

Our Values

  • We are committed to providing the highest quality data analytics services to our clients.
  • We value transparency, honesty, and integrity in all of our interactions with clients, partners, and team members.
  • We are passionate about using data to drive business growth and innovation.
  • We believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth, both for ourselves and our clients.

Our Partners & Technologies

We partner with some of the worlds leading technology companies to deliver cutting-edge data analytics solutions to our clients. Our team has expertise in a wide range of data analysis tools and technologies, including Python, R, SQL, Tableau, and more.